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Size does matter. Good thing you can count on Xtra Size.

Your health is our priority

There has been a range of penis enlargement pills available for purchase. However, a prescription from a doctor is required to buy most of them as they may cause side effects.

The products were developed in laboratories of large pharmaceutical corporations. For them, your health is only a lucrative business. Before you buy such a pharmaceutical product, think how your body will react to an artificial chemical, which was tested in a laboratory for a few months. Remember also that the actual effect it produces and its long-term effects have not been exhaustively examined yet.

XtraSize differs enormously from other products available in the market. It uses only natural ingredients, which are proved to be effective. That’s the reason why you don’t need a prescription from your doctor to take XtraSize.

Your health is of the highest priority for us –buy XtraSize and increase the size of your penis in a totally safe way.

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"The research data on XtraSize is simply undeniable. Greater erectile size and function from a guaranteed all natural product. During careful analysis I became absolutely certain that XtraSize is not only effective but also completely safe. I recommend XtraSize to anyone seeking to improve their sex life."

Recommended by doctors XtraSize will increase intensity of your erections to the maximum and lengthen your penis by 1 or even 3 inches. Become a man you’ve always wanted to be.


Absolutely safe way to increase
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XtraSize is perfectly safe, non-adictive and doesn’t cause any side effects as it uses only natural ingredients of the highest quality, which we get from certified producers specializing in the cultivation of herbs and plants. It is also due to the unique American formula.

Our product is targeted at men of all ages. You don’t need to change your lifestyle before you start taking XtraSize - in the course of treatment you are allowed to drink alcohol, smoke and take medication or other dietary products.

Our product doesn’t cause problems with fertility – it can be taken by men in long-term relationships, as well as those who are not in a stable relationship.

We respect your privacy
– it is of the highest priority for us

Ordered goods will be packed into a discrete, gray box and delivered to the address you provided. For the delivery, we use a reliable courier company. After placing an order, the company will inform you when the shipment will be delivered, which is to ensure that it gets straight to you.

When you use our website, you can be sure that information you provide is treated as completely confidential - we don’t share or sell it to anyone.

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